An inflammation of the conjunctiva, the white part of an eye, is conjunctivis, also known as pinkeye. The patient feels a painful burning sensation, itching, excessivetearing, swelling, and discharge.There is a wide range of reasons for the appearance of conjunctivitis. Most often irritation and redness of a thin membraneand inner eyelids appears as a result of allergic response or infections, aslo after contamination of an eye.

It has different types:

The conjunctiva is responsible for producing mucus and tears, which help lubricate the eye and prevent it from drying out.The danger of disease depends on the underlying cause, the severity of the form and also health conditions. In light forms the disease is self-limiting, but sometimes it can pose risks and require medical attention. The potential risk associated with contagiousness, eye complications, secondary infections, which can spread to other parts of the eye or surrounding structures.

Doctors prescribe professional treatment.They can determine the underlying cause of conjunctivitis and provide appropriate treatment to alleviate symptoms and prevent potential complications. There are variety of options that can be used without a prescription:

Using antihistamine eye drops helps to relieve pain and itching. Professionals prescribe antibiotics and ointments. Preventing the spread involves practicing good hygiene, such as handwashing and avoiding sharing personal items.


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